Moved to new home, new phase in life

Moved to new home, new phase in life

I’ve moved from the Myrtle Beach SC area to a brand new home in North Carolina, 17 miles north of the incredible and artistic city of Asheville, and just two miles south of the equally incredible small town of Mars Hill.  The house (?) that I’ve moved into, shared with the couple that owns it, is the most amazing space for artwork that I could ever imagine I’d find.  In fact, I didn’t “find” it, but rather advertised what I was looking for, and owner Mark Peyton answered my Craigslist ad.  Mark and his partner Betty and myself share more values and ideas about life than seems possible ….. two prime examples: No TV, and blending foods in a Vitamix.  That last is especially magical for me, as I’ve been eating often two meals a day run through a Vitamix blender that I had to leave behind, as it is owned by my former, North Myrtle Beach, housemate.

So, for this post, THE HOUSE.  First of all, it’s not really a house at all, but a commercial building that the three of us are living in.  There is, though a huge kitchen, and, well, bathrooms (albeit of the sort found in gas stations).

The magical part is the space for displaying artwork, as Mark and Betty have transformed the former general store/gas station into an art gallery.  It’s not a full time art gallery (if you are in the area though, feel free to drop by) but rather is opened up once a month or so for special shows and events. What this opens up for me is, a new phase in my life, that I’ve had in mind for a long time: teaching others to weave mandalas through workshops.  The ceiling here is about twelve feet high, and windows for natural light are huge.  Artwork, chandeliers made by Mark, and such things as Amethyst crystals, are everywhere.

The cabinet is for glass knobs that Mark makes from tumbled glass, made to resemble beach glass.  Originally is was a library Dewey Decimal system card file.



Packing up, moving, and now unpacking has, of course, seriously disrupted and delayed my work schedule, but in the long run living here creates all kinds of opportunities for expansion of my artwork, and I’m very much looking forward to getting back to weaving new mandalas, and, planning and hosting my first Asheville NC area workshop.

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  1. Welcome to NC, Jay
    Many years ago, right after Mark acquired this amazing space and was rehabbing it, I met him and had the opportunity to see his colorful Light filled chandeliers and knobs.

    Your work looks like it will certainly resonate with theirs. And a fellow vita mixer!! Nothing like living food…. I have an old vitamix, and often make “green smoothies.”

    It truly sounds like Baba has a special nook for you to settle into here in the amazing Western NC artistic, Baba loving community! … I have loved living here for over 17 years…

    With Care

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