New instructional videos on

New instructional videos on



For those who want really complete video instructions, up to and including weaving your own 12-sided, 24 inch Ojo de Dios, I’ve uploaded new videos to my patreon site.   This is the second batch, and covers all the way to the needlework, which is usally the final stage of mandala weaving, although in this particular ojo, it gets woven in a bit before the end. It’s all based on the pictured ojo,  The Pearl Within. The video clips are raw and unedited.  Later, I’m going to use the experience I gained from filming these, and create a truly polished and finished instructional video, which will include adding tassels. That video will require a monthly pledge of $3 a month, but for now, all uploaded videos are available even to those who pledge as little as $1 a month.

I also hope to get back to writing my biography, which includes detailed instructions and information about Ojos de Dios. This too is to be made available via my page.

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  1. It looks amazing! I really loved your wonderful art! I love colorful mandalas, like mandala drawings, macrame mandala flowers and your work!!!!!!!!

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