Anna Fenina

A big part of my reason for creating is to showcase some of the more innovative mandala weavers from around the world. In time I’ll give each of the weavers presented in this post their own story as a main blog post, with a link to their stories from here. For now, though, I’m presenting a quick overview of those weavers that I’ve connected with, mostly though Facebook, in the last few years.

In time I hope to expand all I write here, and turn it into an eBook.  Also writing a book is Anna Fenina of St. Petersburg Russia, who introduced mandala weaving to Russia, and has taught hundreds of students throughout Russia over the last several years. All other Russian weavers presented here either learned directly from Anna, or were inspired to learn after seeing her work.

Anna Fenina

Someday I hope to meet Anna Fenina in person, either in India, Russia, or possibly the USA.  Most likely is India, where ojo weavers from around the world are planning an international mandala weaving festival in Pune, for the Fall of 2013.

Anna learned originally from a traveling Native American woman, at age 11, and has been weaving and teaching others ever since then.  If there is such a thing as a mandala weaving soulmate, then Anna is mine.



Julia Kazarina

Also from Russia, and originally an Anna Fenina student, is Julia Kazarina.  Julia has traveled to India three times since I first introduced mandala weaving there myself in 2009, and has held workshops in several cities, from Banglore in the south, to Dehli in north India. A specialty of Julia is mandala jewelry.


Julia Kazarina wearing one of her own earrings

Bel Mattos from Brazil





Myself, Jay Mohler, USA









If nothing else, I managed to inspire a few of the mandala weavers presented here to start weaving Ojo de Dios mandalas themselves, including Cloe “Glowy Sun,” Sharmila Shaligram, and Ivan Sanchez.

Bel is another weaver who has traveled to India, and has taught many students in her native Brazil.


Sharmila Shaligram, with Bel Mattos in India






Sharmila posted pics on facebook of me teaching her along with three other students, and started the whole ball rolling of mandala weaving workshops throughout India.

Ivan Sanchez of Mexico







Ivan started with my free online instructions, and has now made mandalas that hang in museums.

Ildo Silva from Brazil


Ildo Silvo, from Brazil, has been very innovative in weaving patterns that overlay what other weavers would leave as finished.




Celo Mandalas has taken mandala weaving into three dimensions

Charles Encinias from Texas, has mastered the 4 foot, 12-sided mandala








Edgar Aragon, Mexico



Cloe from Art by Cloe  carried the 12-sided mandala to Nepal



Natali Rench, teaching “Ziker” weaving, and inspiring combining such with ojo mandalas



Natali has traveled from Russia to India to teach her Ziker weaving alongside Julia Kazarina.





Tejasweeni Iyer, Bangalore India


Tejaweeni has studied with myself, Julia kazarina, and Natali Rench, and now holds workshops of her own.





Urso Dread, Brazil





Anna Ishhenko, Kazakhstan


Desiree Helder, Holland

Galya Raycheva of Bulgaria